It's kind of fuzzy, but I still remember running away
Broken glass reminds me of mistakes I've made
Misdirected anger, an empty Colt 45
It might have meant something
but probably we were just killing time

When I was riding my bike before we moved away
I never felt so close to the streets that I claimed to hate
It's 2 years later and we've replaced them
With something bigger:
busy sidewalks and angry neighbors

It was freezing last night waiting for the bus
I don't think I'll be home before the sun comes up
Another winter night hanging out until 7 am
It's almost spring this year,
until then I think I'll just stay in bed

Loose ends, sunset by the waterfront
If this is where I belong then it's time to grow up
But there's some questions that I don't want to answer,
Things I'm scared to talk about, I've watched myself
fuck up too many times

But wait, I'll try as hard as I can and hope for the best
Sometimes it feels like you do the best that you can
(You try and try and try) but no one really wins in the end

It's more than you wanted, anyway.

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