Noby saw they heard but didn't do summ so u blend there n died
Cops were on it the next day told ur mom then shy cry'd
it was hell til she left ur dad for crack and never came back
But she lied she when on the bloock and got shot
But we all reacted 'cause she didn't die
Roll the weed and light it and let the smoke in the sky
For u wish u were alive
I never left the hood i should 'cause it's for my own good
All iv got is money whit ur pic on the side
Rolling fatty's dealing n drive by's
The day u left me at my house whit a glock
I knew right now u fucker was getting shot
But didn't think u die
'cause evry day u come back home
Whit a bullet in ur six pack til we when back
N shot he's ass back.
We all smoked crack befor we go to bed
We all said we gon die whit this shit
But we all laught and did still as u sleep
U'd move so much u'd give me the creeps
But now ur gone wtf when wrong...

(Your My 'causein My 'causein til the end)
(Your my Brother My Brother till the end)
(Light the dope n let the smoke in the sky)
(Your my Brother till i hit u back when i die..)

The day i heard you were gone
I sat down and cry'd while i right a song
Of all iv got light the joint
Till it hit me whit a point
I'd go out n do the talk to all the crew's
Of who shot ch'you
Shot a couple but they didn't die
I did it for a double of crack
I aint gon smoke it im gon sell too have u back
& n let ur spirit free and let me fallasleep in peace
Let me dream of u
Oh evrything we did n what we when't true
What i don't understand is why..
Why didn't we leave the hood
You looked at me in my eyes
Asking me why i told u srait up u wanna die
He told me no it aint gon happen next day he die'd
We fight about it n he left and said bye
That's the last thing i said too u is fuck u bye
But my Brother Strait from the heart im sorry
I love you.. I love you from the day we start

(Your my 'causein My 'causein till the end)
(Your my Brother My Brother till the end)
(Light the dope and let the smoke go in sky)
( Screaming Why did u have 2 Die)
(Your my Brother til i Die)
( R.I.P )

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