[verse 1:]
Ohh i don't never wanna go back
Cos back seems so far
There's nothing like my secret place
Girl that's what you are
Patiently awaiting at the gate
Til you call my name
Cos everytime that i came in
I'm taking away

Everytime we get it on
It feels like (heaven)
Angels sing trumbets blow
Like i'm in (heaven)
It's like i'm... way up there
My god you've finally answered my prayers
I ain't never leaving home
Cos i'm in (heaven)

[verse 2:]
Glad i got my life together
I made it in
Cos being here's so much better than where i've been
I'm enjoying these streets of gold
So perfect and it won't get old
So glad that i could stay forever
Don't ever let them sin


[verse 3:]
The minute that you opened up the door
I swear it's everything i waited for
Every little thing that you do
Keeps me caught up on you
Got me coming back for more
Cos i'm so hot i fly oh i'm enjoying the ride
And now i'm living in the clouds next to the sun
Your arms are open wide i hear you whisper welcome


It feels like (heaven, ohh)
Yeah it feels like (heaven, ohh)
It feels like (heaven, ohh)

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Composição: Durrell Babbs / J. Valentine / Jerry Texx Franklin / Kristina Stephens / Michael Naylor / Olivier Oli Jean Joseph / Robert Newt · Esse não é o compositor? Nos avise.
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