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I Love You More Everyday


I just don't know what else to say, baby
There's really nothing left to say
There's really.. nothing more I can say
But I love you.. Listen
Yeah, I love you.. I love you

Since you came inside my life,
You've given me the best of you
Every day and night,
I found my happiness in you
Make me wanna ride
To the end of any valley

Then you give me peace of mind,
You bring me comfort to my soul
Give me such a high,
No, I will never let you know
You make me wanna fly
To the top of every rainbow


I love you more everyday
You show me love in every way
There's nothing left for me to say
But I love you

More and more everyday

So promise me you'll never leave
And never say this is the end,
You'll spend your life with me,
You'll be my wife and my best friend
Raise a family,
Something we both can treasure

In the meantime,
I'm gonna put in work
You' gonna be fine,
You'll never have to work
So, won't you come and fly with me
Forever,you and me
That's how it's s'pposed to be,
I love you


(I love you, baby..
I swear, I love you)

More and more everyday

I.. I don't wanna stop loving you
And I.. I don't wanna stop kissing you
You're the reason why I smile
I.. I won't stop holding you
And I.. I won't stop loving you
You're the reason why I smile


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