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It's Magic

Girls Aloud

Oooh, I tried to talk to you
Oooh, it's like I can't get through
Oooh, have you blown me away?
Oooh, that's how you're making me feel

Hugs and kisses, broken wishes, hearts and pieces, all on replay
Over and over again please help tell me which path I need to take
I know your hiding inside, and you're bad yes it is frustrating
Well if you give me the time, I've got so much to share with you
I just can't get you out my mind

And now you've got me wondering what the hell I'm supposed to do
Other side of my world and I know that I'm in love with you
And if it's tugging inside we both know I took you for a ride
And honey, what have I done, oh believe me, I have realised

With you, only you, I know that I can be myself
Funny how I could find love with you and nobody else
I could call you crying four in the morning and you'd make it better
Even when I thought I couldn't pull through and we'd be trying together

Let your body receive what I can give
Remember when you were last week, it's happening
Let your body reveal an innocence
Let me set you free, it's magic [x2]

You're in my thoughts all the time
And I can't seem to shift you from my mind
I know I made a mistake
I need some help with shifting this heartache
You're in my thoughts all the time [x4]

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