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Free Me


Free me (glodfinger)

I didn't ask you to take me from here
I didn't ask to be broken
I didn't ask to stroke my hair
You treat me like a worthless token

But my skin is thick
And my mind is strong
I am build like my father was
I done nothing wrong

So free me
I just wanna feel what life should be.
I just want enough space
To turn around
And face the truth
So free me

When do you gonna realize.
You're just wrong
You can't even think for yourself
You can't even make up your mind
So my mind's a jail
I hate the whole goddamn human race
What the hell do you want from me
Kill me if you just don't know
Or free me

I just wanna feel what life should be
I just want enough space to turn around
'Cause you're all fucked
Some day maybe you'll treat me like you.

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