Verse 1
All these fucking words you've said to me
All these lies you made me fucking believe
All these fucking things you fucknig read to me
It makes no sence

Verse 2
All these fucking words you sain, "I should believe"
All the fucking times you said, "trust me"
All this bullshit you've constantly been feeding me
Gimmie evidence

What Do you expect
Why Do you regret
What You said to me
you said it So plainly

All these fucking words
Fucking words

Verse 3
Take sex, you just lie on your back for me
Eye's shut, you think of your country
Mind blocked, pretending it's not me
Who do you see?

Verse 4
Love? You tell me you love me
Pray tell, how the fuck can it be
When, there's a fraternal army
Friends that you fuck


Verse 5
Faith, A fucking joke to me
Knowledge, shit you pump into me
Hope, something I don't perceive
Values I can't see

Verse 6
Life, is a mixed up fucking mess
Emotion, something I can't express
I, can't be reborn
Just leave me alone

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