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Fragile Side


As my blood runs cold
Fear starts to rise
Inside a fire unfold
Flames are burning
The sky is turning black
Ash will cover the earth
I'm suffering with every breath
Facing the downfall of man

This is a call for salvation
The pressure is rising and covers my soul
This is my determination
Arming myself for this this eternal war

Inside this cage I will suffer
Freedom is fading like lights of this town
Apocalypse is beginning
Purgatorial ocean the place I will drown


Inside this incarceration
The chains of oppression are shedding my skin
Torture and humiliation
Extinguish my life force, kill me from within

Is this reality or fiction?
Decapitated by the blades of doom
I'm scarred of facing extinction
The place that we held dear is just a cold tomb

Welcome the new formation, an aeon of salvation
Collide with everything you're supposed to be

What is left inside, a senseless dream behind
You are still damned for everything you are
For everything you want to be

Hatred by your body
Begging for forgiveness
Betting for survival
Betrayed by his hand

Playing games of life
No more insert coin
The end of life is near
You just reached
reached the line of death


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