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The Death Heritage


For this is your empire
This is your playing court
Here you own the night
Let them fear you all

The only truth is blood
Starring through the eyes of death
Hear the howling beasts
Fear their bloodlust

I see the splendour
The secrets of hell
From the ashes
Again the death will rise
You show no mercy
Unleash the ancient fear
The death heritage – we live for the kill

I hear the tortured screams
Where the fight has just begun
Feel the hopeless breath
Agonizing sound of death

Paralyzed through fear
Struggling our will to lie
The final curtain falls
Where the last stands still

My blood my fear my soul
The sounds of Death
It's time to bleed

My blood my fear my soul
I shoot your faith straight to hell

You rise up from the deep
To bring the end of time
Extinction waits for all
Pure and endless pain

The rage that burns inside
When we all are gone
Unleash the night
A new world is born

He ruled the night
He filled our soul with dread
Suffering despair
Die for fearless pain

The fire that burns around
We went through living hell
The dead reborn

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