Foto do artista Graveworm

To The Empire Of Madness


I pull the trigger, release the faithless fear
The sign of demons appears
He's been called where the crusher strikes back
The age of terror, illusions and dead
One thousand years of tyranny and blood
Soon a new world will arise from the deep

We fight once more against the age of fear
From ashes to ashes and dust to dust
We keep the faith alive, now everything will burn
Sons of fire release me from this world

To the empire of madness
For all the blood and death
To the empire of madness
When all is gone, we turn into the dust

We fight to die my hate will grow again
We stand alone I will have revenge!
A demons' army the weapons they fear
The number of the beasts released
And those who chose to stand up and fight
Leave the land, the flame arises again

There is no time to hesitate
The old time leaves no rest in peace
In the face of certain death

We fight once more

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