Gettin' started really early, ? got no time to hesitate
The stars alright to get to hell, from dawn to pick me back
Break the loads? I'll break your leg, do ya think I give a damn
I will never almost over, I'll bring the bottom to the blind

That's so far to where they run, no tomorrow where to die
When you look into that home, you discover when it's time to go
Yeah, your time to die, yeah go for the light
And if you judge me and pointing finger, have a look at yourself

Rename who that's alright, I behave like a pig or swine
I have all the bags and maybe some booze,
hey bring me my running shoes
A tambourine and loads of beer, you don't wanna be alone here
Any excitement I've had enough, I want more of that brown stone


Destruct your love creation, you're getting dusty, yeah
I've told you once, I've told you twice, you can never change my life
You want me to play the blues, never trust me drinking the booze
But sometimes? it doesn't work, that when all break loose


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