I live in the bright light,
Walking in the dark midnight,
Skin pale from the streetlight,
Kill time nothing to do
Inside looking outside,
Clawing at the door shut tight,
You can't run and you can't hide,
White lies fearing the truth

See ghost in the shadow,
Living in the past feel cold,
While trying to remember,
Time is stealing my youth
Still trapped on the inside,
Wearing regret skin tight,
Like fire on the outside,
All gone nothing in view

Time is nothing when you've nothing to do
Don't you know you can't hide something
When it's living in you

I live in bright light,
Living in the past shut tight,
Skin pale from the street light,
White lies stealing my youth
See ghost in the shadow,
Clawing at the door midnight,
You can't run and you can't hide,
All gone fearing the truth


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