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Stranded at the drive-in
Branded a fool-what will they say
Monday at school
Sandy, can't you see I'm in misery?
We made a start, now we're apart
There's nothing left for me
Love has flown, all alone
I sit and wonder why, oh, why?
You left me, oh, Sandy?
Oh, Sandy, maybe someday
When highschool is done
Somehow, someway our two worlds will be one
In heaven for ever and ever we will be
Oh, please, say you'll stay, oh, Sandy

Sandy, my darling
You hurt me real bad
You know it's true
But, baby, you gotta believe me when I say:
I'm helpless without you!

Love has flown
All alone
I sit, I wonder why, oh, why you left me, oh, Sandy?
Oh, Sandy, Sandy
Oh, Sandy

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