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I'm Back, Bitch

Gucci Mane

Im starting off my day wit a blunt of purp,
No pancakes just a cup of syrup.
Bakin soda pot and a silver fork,
You already kno it's time to go to work.
Im back off in the kitchen working wit a chicken,
You get 63 grams for my 12-50.
50 pounds of purp 50 pounds of midget,
And soon as it gon i sold anotha 60.
My baby need some shoes my auntie need a purse,
Summer comin real soon so i need vurp.
I hop up out dat van wit dat duffle bag
And if a nigga try me imma bust his ass
Im counting up money in my living room birds
Errwhere i call it da chicken room.
Pillz in da cabinet pounds in da den,
Attic full of good basement full of benjamins.
2 ak-47's and a blow-torch,
Couple junkies knockin hard on my front porch.
A couple old school's in my backyard,
If i dont kno ya imma serve you through my burgular bars

Gucci back bitch yeah im back bitch
Did you miss me im in my rap speech
Dis dat new shit dat county jail shit dat seven
Flow rice street straight outta cell shit you
On my shit list im on da force list since
Imma rich nigga i need a rich bitch
I gotta sick wrist it cost bout six bricks
Im on dat slick shit dat zone six shit.

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