I go outside and it's cold
I walk downtown and it's cold
I do everything that I'm told
The people I meet, so hooked on defeat
And if it's not one thing then it's ten
I shouldn't have to be told
So I just keep moving around
'Cause I'm cold

I picked up the pieces that break
And try not to make a mistake
and sometimes I'm sick when I wake
I jump in my car and go to a bar
Because it's so much warmer in there
For my decrepit soul
Then I get back to moving around
'Cause I'm cold

All wound up
All broken down
Animal person
Carnival clown
The only thing that hurts
Is knowing it gets worse
As it goes

I work every day 'til I'm tired
Emotionally uninspired
And some think I'll maybe get fired
But what else is new
You do what you do
Because you're told to
It's something of which I'm really not yet quite sold
But it must just be a problem with me
'Cause I'm cold

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