Resolution (translation)

Gundam X

Why is there so many fragile wishes?
The color of the breeze before dawn makes the town gentle

*Truthfully, I was always searching,
Afraid to stare straight ahead.
It's only because you're here that I can face tomorrow
Don't be scared, no matter when

**"We have the same dream" Within that shine
We walk closer to each other, so don't ever get lost

In that unsteady feeling, I can't even decide on tomorrow
With that wandering eye, I stared at the chaos around me

Truthfully, I was always requesting
I want to find a place where I can rest with my heart and all

***When I met you, everything became clear
My heart began beating passionately

"We have the same dream" That brightness is always
(I'm) Hugging it, never letting go, so don't ever look back

* [repeat]

*** [repeat]


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