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1,2,3 Slam


Okay here's a story about my mom and dad,
one was white and one was black,
and I bet you think you're glad

I'm half breed just look at me,
my skin is fair yet tan
I don't know what the hell I'm on
So 1, 2,
1, 2, 3 Slam!

Kinky hair when I wake up,
it's straight when I got to bed
My dad just jive talked to me
I don't know what he just said

My mother's she's a honkey
my dad's Kentucky fried
I don't know what the hell I'm on
so 1,2
1,2,3 Slam!

Back at home it black-eyed peas
with a pot roast on the side
It's hot dogs on Friday night
the chicken's country fried

My dad says "yo boy pass the peas"
My mom says "pass the squash"
I need something to ease the pain
So go downtown and get some downers

Ya going down (down)
Ya going down (down)
Ya going down baby, down baby,
take me down.

Oh man I'm a little bit slow
but I gotta get up somehow
got no money just a good idea
let me tell you how

I'll steal my parents credit cards
oh yes I'll rip them off
I'll go down town to ?
and get myself some cocaine

Now I'm high and I'm not shy
I'll get it off my chest
My mom is white she's always right
she thinks that she's the best

My daddy's just a negro
he's not one to play golf
I don't know what the hell I am
so 1,2
1,2,3 Slam!

Slam (x3)

1,2,3 said Stop!

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