Take this bitch and sever her limbs. From her tattered body let the blood flow free.
Molesting her bleeding wounds with my fucking tongue, I devirginize her stumps.
Chest cracked open, displaying arteries. Remove them all piece by piece,
relieve myself next to her cadaver. Human taxidermy in its filthiest form,
I stuff her gutted corpse with my feces. Demorilized, filth flowing through
her blood stream, I taste the waste spilling from her veins, Cannibal instincts lead
me to consumption. Of her shit covered insides. Picking thorugh her pieces -
what will I eat? Choose her deadened heart - rotten and vile, Divine in its flavor -
tastes of rot, Penetrate the artery - with my swollen cock. Now the only love cumming
from your heart is my semen. Dripping with desire this is my gift to you.
Sewn together to form a beautiful piece of art. Body parts and feces combined with
strands of her hair. Positioned to pleasure my needs, her cunt staring straight at me,
Feces seeping slowly from her vaginal cavity. Shove my tongue in her cunt, my nose
in her crack, The smell makes my dick grow, Rub it up and down her slit, covering it.
In her ass is where it will go! Shit covered cock reinserted in her ass, hate fucking,
The shit our of her untill she falls apart.

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