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Metal Metal Land


There's a place so very far
Most favored of the worlds that are missed by GWAR
We can get there as long as it's by stolen car
Smash your face and go shoot up

There's a world of which I've heard
Far beyond the sky
A place of chicks and pills and booze
A place where winners always lose
You'll always hear your favorite band
Here in Metal Metal Land

Here in Metal Metal Land
Nothing ever dies
Except of course our enemies
And they're attracting metal flies

Here in Metal Metal Land
Everything is loud
All the chicks are strippers
All their father's proud

Metal metal land
Metal metal sea
Metal metal air
Metal you and metal me
Metal metal metal metal! x2
Heavy Metal Metal Land

Here in Metal Metal Land
Every day is night
Except of course when night is day
But then there is no light

Here in Metal Metal Land
Everything is rock
Everyone is in a band
Ever girl sucks every cock

Here in Metal Metal Land
Everything is hard
Except of course the test you take
To get a license for your car
Bullet belts and denim jackets
Crystal meth in tiny packets
Witches, warlocks, demon seed
Booze and cooze and weed and speed

Metal metal x16

Filthy hair and dirty faces
Flying V's and swords and maces
80's hair bands are still hated
No false metal tolerated
Heavy metal is the law
Weakness means a broken jaw
Everything is loud and fast
Metal up your fucking ass
Metal plane on metal trip
Metal hand, metal grip

It's metal man,
Here in Metal Metal Land

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Composição: Brad Roberts / Casey Orr / Cory Smoot / Dave Brockie / Mike Derks. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.
Enviada por Thiago e traduzida por Tulio. Viu algum erro? Envie uma revisão.

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