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You make me lose my mind
make me forget what's right
you make me lose
I always had to fight for
make me lose control
you make me lose my soul
you make me lose
I always stood up for
It's time to take a stand, I've
got to find a solution, it's time
for me to plant a plant of a

Chorus: Revolution
I won't be satisified
till violence has died
now don't you know that
you're the reason why the
people cry
about the dreams you kill
bout all the graves you fill
bout all the precious blood
you always had to spill
It's time to take a ...

Man I've got to come down down to
reality, conspiracy rules the world and
we can't close our eyes about the fact
that disrespect let's the world be
divided in first second and third, though
that will always be so and all I know is
that I need to show you that that ain't
right and it's our plight to fight for the
rights of the weak that's why we need
this Re-vo-lu-tion


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Composição: Henning Wehland / S. Hinz. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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