The clouds are gaining depth and color the further south we go.
So many new friends left behind us, so many seeds to have sown.
The bugs are bugging me and eating me alive,
a feast for ears and eyes on a basement stage.
I could break day every night so long
as the drives are long enough to make up for lost sleep.
I'm not keeping to myself anymore,
there's too much beauty in this world to act like you can fathom it alone.
Of all the roads I've known, a lonely road gets you nowhere.
Eventually you get tired of dragging your own feet.
Eventually our hearts all find the same beat.
And as the fog clears the Atlanta skyline and traffic moves like a silent current,
I'm grateful to have spent all this time wearing my voice down to nothing.
I've found a love in always moving, never stopping, never slowing down.
Through all of us time will pass like running water and roll away like clouds.

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