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Pick up a telephone and make the best of flesh and bone.
Take down the book of drinks and separate the words from ink.
Put on a teenage face and turn it just in time of just in case.

I wonder how you feel.
I sleep between the seats and wake up at the wheel.
Don't talk to your ex - there, I said it.

Evelyn, let go of crooked cops and time machines.
They'll only break your heart and bury it beneath the deleted scenes.
I know just how you feel.
The furs are fake but the animals are for real, so stay close to me.
I'm braver than you.
I know what to do.

Just don't tell your friends.
Don't talk about the truth it bends.
No matter what today pretends, no matter how you see the means, these are the ends.

Look at the note you saved, the evidence in every line.
Pin it to your chest and sell a song to anyone, I guess.
You know how I feel, a curtain for a coat and nothing to reveal.
But you've got the looks and I've got the luck.
It's not all that complicated.

If you believe in me, then you believe in evolution.
Are you taking me home?
It's a lot like home.
You don't have to unless you want to.

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