Mary-Anne kisses are catch-as-catch-can
and I don't think we can do the things that you wanted to
'cause now I'm working nights and me and the manager we're getting pretty tight
I'm trying to get that raise that I promised you
3am in the kitchen door you called me a liar
I know I never did it before but I really did sleep on his porch all night
I had a few beers and I got a little too uptight people do it all the time
Mary-Anne I'll take you out again as soon as I can
But dinner and a movie might not be exactly how we planned
Because the money I had in line I guess it kind of ran out
I hope you don't mind a rental and some take-out
Do you think that it would be fine just this one time?

2am on the kitchen floor you called me a lover
I know we never did it before it was a perfect end to a perfect night
I had a few beers and you were looking pretty alright let's do it one more time

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