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Danger Drive


I close my eyes
While I'm driving home tonight
Why do I need to say something I don't like?
Changing tracks, I'm lost in my way back home
Where am I? These streets seem so alike

Could I change the world tonight
Without change my heart inside?
Could I change my way back home
Leaving you out of my mind?

I always take the wrong tracks
Which leads me back to where you are
You can feel dead when you're alive

One hundred miles per hour just to get closer to you
Reaching the death in every path
Feeling depressed, exposed and sad
I hold the wheel that keeps me still want to be by your side
You can feel dead when you're alive
And it's not that fine, and it's not so fine
Wish you could see me there
And I wish you could break my car
Sorry it's all a shame but it's not my fault
If you make me drive so fast
To get anywhere
So I close my eyes
Maybe I'll be back home tonight
Maybe I'll make you sad or happy tonight
It depends on how I drive
Back home

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