Son Of "There's No Place Like Homerton"

Hatfield & The North

Snowing - in a little while when the cold is growing
With a little smile, turn into a soap-sud or... turn into a road
I'm falling down and spinning in a cloud
(With a little smile, bubble aloud...)
And round and round I go
I've made a row, but honestly I liked it
(But silence comes to me like a blow)
I know I've several things to say, none of them important
(Bashing out the chords, most of them I know)
(Most of them are overflow)
So when the winter comes, nobody will say so
(So please don't go quiet, everything dissolves)
(So don't be slow to hiss and boo,
you sit there and meanwhile all the time)
I'm falling down and spinning in a dreamboat
(Everything dissolves, summer, spring and autumn,
winter falls away spinning in a dreamboat)
Paddling through the stars like a shining seahorse
singing silly tunes in silly times... tones... sighs... groans... melodies.

Paddling through the stars came the orchestra from Mars...
Playing tunes which carried us away

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