I wake up in the morning and I can't look at myself
A fading fleeting memory of something I'm supposed to be
Everything is my fault everything's bad because of me
I'm sick, I'm not well but you're caught up in
Yourself to tell it
Sick of myself sick of you
You made my hell
With your abuse, sick
Not doin' it to get attention
I'm doin' it to get dead
A razor in the wrist or a bullet
Lodged in my brain
Everything's OK
Ignore it and it'll go away
I'm sick I'm not well
But you're caught up
In yourself to tell it
Lost my mind, I've gone insane
I think I'm goin' crazy
I think I've lost my sanity
Just another maniac on a suicidal
Killing spree
A hopeless babbling idiot
And no one really gives a shit
No one cares, who fuckin cares
And who the hell are you
To say I'm sick!

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