These atoms are liars
They do not realize, and we can't blame them
art as a means of escape, they don't see the down-side
and that's what takes them
out on the floor
one stretches out it's hands
into the small of a back
and as they circle the room, as they circle the floor
one just wants it more
well, they don't want, anymore
you ca sleep in these hollows and rivers
exalt the righteous and drown the sinners
jesus christ
jesus christ, why is love so lonely
all water on earth
evaporates into steam and erupts from the ground
does anyone else feel guilty?
like I did it all myself
one feels a lack of love and there's no limit
to the explosive power of this bomb
how do we reconcile our deaths
we'd better figure it out before long

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Composição: Dan Barrett / Tim Macuga. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.