You never ever leave my mind
My sweet sweet Madeline
Every time I look into your eyes
I feel like I'm alive

And I can barely make a sound
Whenever you're around
You can find me hiding in the crowd
Next time you come to town

Hey! Hey! I've been waitin' all day!

Every time I want to say hello
Every time I want to stay, I go
Can't ever find the words to let you know
Sometimes you play my mind a million times

Wish I could somehow let you know
That all the way from here to Mexico
You're the one and only girl for me hehe
Tu es un, bonjour, oui oui

And my tongue gets tied so quick
I get so nervous I'm feelin' sick
And turn into the world's worst Romeo
Every time I try to say hello

You're so fine, been on my mind
Get nervous every time I see you hop online

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