Baphomets March

Heavy Lord

exibições 22

It’s a long way,
Where will the journey end?
Tried the safe way,
But it’s like quicksand.
Down the wild road,
I blew my mind again.
Don’t know jack-shit,
And now I’m stuck in this hell!

My legs start shaking as the earth quakes up ‘n down from the ground
It falls, rock thump down upon my damaged skull as I roar for we get blast into the past where our journey has begun.
O give me some peace of mind.

Round in circles,
Where will the journey end?
The golden path keeps changing or just ascends
Must relax and maintain all the control
Seems I’m closer, closer than ever

Before things were much clearer knew my feelings but now I just don’t know what is wrong and what is right, visions out of sight and just why does every thing just feel so wrong when our journey has just begun?
Still holding on.
Hold on, stay strong