C'mon play the goddamn music
I know we fell apart a while ago
And, no, not everyone's all right
Walking bare-assed down the hallway
Is hard enough at night

And you, don't you wanna do nothing
And hey, didn't you say something's missing?

You have a stone-cold picture of a girlfriend
And a celibate wife
You're in no shape to argue
But you're ready for a fight

What you want's not what you need
It haunts you night and day
I'll see you on the light side
Of the darkness we are so scared of
I'll do the math for you
I keep it back for you
But what you chase at night
Will haunt you in the day, you want it to

C'mon play the wounded hero
I hoping I'll grow sleepy and dim
One more somnambulistic year
Riding tethered to a hero
And rescuing him

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