You think you're so damn smart
You know everything there is to know
About me
And what I'm doing
I guess I really let you down
I guess I wasn't trying hard enough
And I should just shut up
And write the music

You're right
I never should've fallen in love
Cause I'm supposed to be a machine

Well guess what?
I'm the one who's still on stage
I'm the one who wasn't afraid
So maybe I should take your advice
And maybe you should get out the way

And I'm coming through, yeah
And nothing's gonna stop me now

You say you're only trying to help
But you don't want to seem to get down
But you don't know the work I put in to get out
I'm sick of this town
I know just what I want
Nothing's ever stopped me before
So what gives you the right to change me
I'm better off just banging a whore

Guess what?
I'm planning out my next move
I know what to do
And everything's gonna start coming up poses
With or without a woman like you

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