Foto do artista Hirax

Chaos And Brutality


Born to withstand death
Fall from grace to rise again
Our struggle still to find faith
Pushed into the brink

There will be hell to pay!

Hard as nails forever we stand
Madness is all around us
Betrayal lies deceit and hate
Snapped one day over

There will be hell to pay!

Blood shed
Mass murder has been done
Killing in the blink of an eye
Unarmed victims are dead

Out of control
No one is safe
The living die fast one by one
Chaos and Brutality
We are all going to die
Who will be left to bury the dead?

Violence wide spread
Grim death and fear
Bottom feeders feast
The face of evil reveals itself

[Glenn Rogers guitar solo]

It's a sin to kill
You will burn in hell!

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