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Bad News Blir

Home Grown

You've been rejected, deceived and neglected by another girl
Now you're locked in your room
Inhaling toxic fumes,
Because you're thinking about her
It's been a month and a half
And you're still feeling sad
When you saw her at a dance
She was kissing and hugging, playing and loving
With her new boyfriend

Chorus 1:
I know she broke your heart
And it's hard to be hard
And pretend that you don't care
Well that's what you get When you date that girl named Blair

Now she's calling your house
Cuz she wants to hang out
And do that thing you do
You're getting overexcited and you cannot fight
The fact that she's bad news

Chorus 2:
Says she wants you back
But back as a friend
And I know you're giving in
To a girl that's going to
Break your heart again
Just give it some thought It never worked out
Think about the shit she put you through
You should give up, she's leading you on
I know she's not the one for you
She's been around the block
She's been with all the jocks
Including all your friends
It's not the end of the world, she's just another girl
That I don't recommend

Chorus 2

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