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I Felt a Song Inside Me


I couldn't wait to give you my everything
'cause this is for real
I've been saving up the things i never say
'cause this sense of urgency is getting too close to me
And i saved up all the things i never said
Because it's been so long since i felt a song inside me
And i couldn't wait to breathe it and feel it
And we couldn't wait
The days of uncertainty were getting to us
So i'm making up my mind this time, i swear
If you put your trust in me
The words, they will come to me
And i'll shout 'em out aloud for all to hear
I couldn't wait to feel it, repeat it
When i saved up these things i never say
They broke me, killed me and remained locked away
But now i hold thee, now i can't wait to show
So breathe me, feel me, i'll never let you go
Realise it's music in me
I felt a song inside me
And i couldn't wait

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