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This Is Taking Forever


All I wanted from the start was something
I could hold in my hands
And it has got me thinking
All I want now in the end is something
You cannot understand
But now I can't stop thinking
All my patience has been taken,
Breaking a promise and a plan
All I wanted from the start was to savour this moment
This is all I can do
I'm getting to know it, that this is all I can do
I'll get it together
I'm out of control, and all I can do
It's going to get better, this is taking forever
This is taking forever
I tried all the things I could try
Nothing wants to stay in my hands
But I can see the look in your eyes
Watching for my last cries
I'll wipe off your look, yes I can!
All I want now in the end is to savour this moment
And now I know what I'm up against
You want to know what I'm up against?
This is taking forever
Just look at me now
I'm wiping the look from off your face

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