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Miss Freelove '69

Hoodoo Gurus

You can't take me anywhere, I'll strip down to my underwear
If you give me half a chance.
Hippy-freelove, outtasight! I'm gonna turn off every light
And hold a private dance.
It started out one afternoon, hot sake in my living room
Among some special friends.
Soon some others dropped around and we all started gaffing down,well,
You know how these things end!

Miss Freelove, Come back sometime-
Miss Freelove of '69.

Torches flashing sweaty passion, each made love in their ownfashion-
We had quite a ball!
Do the monkey, feeling funky, I'm just like any disco junkie
And I don't care at all.
Maybe I'm not thinking straight, I only know that it feelsgreat
And I'm glad you do too.
It could be just a passing fad but think about the fun we had
The last time you decided to pass through.

Miss Freelove, come back sometime
Miss Freelove of '69.

And everything is gone and far away
And everything is gone and that's o.k.
And everything is groovy, would you say?
Would you say?

Someone called the cops on us. They didn't have the heart tobust
The kinky scene they found.
They checked their badges at the door and joined the action onthe floor
(When they laid their nightsticks down!)
Miss Freelove .......
La-la-la-la love
La-la-la-la love, Freelove!

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