Here you come, you're all dressed in black
Don't you know that I am here for you ?
Times, they are tough, sometimes it gets you down
But I'll help with what you want to do ...
And if you try too hard
You'll only push it too far
We know who you are - a superstar.

You have been hurt, you're sorry for yourself
Well, there is no argument
So you retreat, hiding your love away
Well, that is no testament
... And you could cry yourself a river
I say damn your eyes
You're not such a tragic figure - realise

Here they come, they're all dressed in black
When you've always been your own man
You have a friend, but if you can't look back
Then I'll try to understand ...
'Cause its surely my concern
That your fire still burns
So we each must take our turn to live and learn.
Do it now.

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