Do you know that I have waited for so long to prove myself to you?
It's getting to the point where I do so much and then it all falls through

So where do we go from here? And if I ask will you answer me honestly?
Will I get what I want? Or will this all come crashing down on me?
I'm letting down my guard on this so hold the pain, thrown caution to the wind
It's taking so much energy I can't recall where we are or where we've been

And you should know that when you change you're mind I'm here
Just one time let me in I'll keep you near
I'll pick you up, for you I'd do anything at all
And understand that I will catch you when you fall

And here we go around again it's this same ride, it always ends the same
Excuse me for this insight but you can't expect me to put up with your games
Here we go around again
Here we go around again


Just think about this for a while until your senses clear
You never took the time to look at what we had right here
Could you really turn away from me and all that we've been through
Can't you see that all you've left for me is hurt to hang on to


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