Blood stains on these chains
I choked him with these beeds see
Niggas up and Niggas down
But I wont let them squeeze me
Derange-a Derange-a Im digging in your pockets
Fool can't move that aint shit
Body snatch is mad at you
Get your soul and kill that Will
But Will kept telling me not to be
Evil as grass Im breaking my ass
But you can't never free me
I smoke no joints so get my point
I worship only one being
ROC ROC Do you wanna come and see him
Lose your fake face to face
I dare you to coopperate
Penitrate yo nasty shit
That's what you see at these gates
I play no games so there's no test
My life is on a scan scootch
Killing troops I drag em in
And smoke em with my cigapoot
That's how I live
On these tracks I breath through your HIV
Could mean nothing
Energy locked up in a fuckas heap
But on your way you longest legs
So step up in my brain of cow
Mothafuckas shits-a tripping
Turns into a red house
You know the game
What's the name
Home on deranged
Zoom me a zoom bomb feed me on the night train
Home on the Deranged
I flipped the script
That come with the bomb
Ring me a bomb
You feeling calm but your tempeture bound to rize
The witching hour time to look in the killas eyes
Im taking him down to the hell that I call my home
The only way to get in is to sell your soul
My wicked speech is fucking up your brain
Lable me insane hold onto the fucking mainframe
The killing game only bares one rule
Use your tolls to make
To make motherfuckers look like fools
Watch your back Im packing chrome
This is the muthafucking part two
The sequel to Home Sweet Home
Busting raps that will make ya dead
One to the head
And you know that I will paint you red
This is some shit that will bring you pain
Im on the homefront no doubt
Home of deranged
Night of the eves barks
Night of the pumpkin
You standing disbelieving
I try to show you something
A house that sits ontop da hill
Deep in da forest
The group that runs it like a grave
Kicking my chorus
Im deadly
Compaire me to vetom
But more defy
My house is scarey
Nobody leaves a light
My tales are told to those right beside my level
My skill systematic talk beyond the devil
So come and run with my fun
It's better than truth or dare
You think you can escape from this place
Known as nowhere
But fuck that
If I don't catch you
Somebody else will
My trill
To sit and watch my homies make the kill
But wait
I want you to come and watch my brain blow up
You never
Seen Nothing
Like this begin to throw
But please-oh-please dont be alarm
Cuz nothing has changed
See you think your getting loose it
Then come on the deranged with me
Dont fuck with me or my people
Let the games begin
As I speak my evil

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