Remember when you liked me
I remember highschool
Now I think you hate me
But one day it was all cool

You was such a real one
Sad to see you leave me
I was startin to feel sumn
Baby girl believe me

Now you wonder why I don't pick up the phone
You've broken way too many hearts to know
That this takes time
And lately I've been feeling strange inside

I feel emotion, when I'm smokin
Makes me wanna relive all the moments
You should know this, girl you should know this
It's a party girl I need someone to go with

It's been too long since you came through
I'm just chillin here smokin I got nothing to do
Just come to our spot you know I ain't judging you
You forgive me and then I forgive you

The pieces are all there
So how do you still think I don't care
This isn't a problem we should bear
And at this rate we won't get anywhere

I can get much better at this I swear
But you're not the type of girl I'd share
I need you to myself let me stroke your hair
Or if it's over I'll dissolve into thin air

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