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Lucky You

Ian Broudie

Your're lying again
You say you don't but then you do
I'm trying again
To build a wall around you're heart
Then break it through to you
You make it happen

You're chasing the moon
Reahcing out to touch the stars
But you land too soon
What will it take to make you see
The way things really are
You've got this far
So let it happen

You're lying again
Give it up and tell the truth
You can't stop the rain
It's gonna fall on every roof
I've got the proof
And only you can make it happen

Everything's blue now, oh lucky you
Oh lucky you
There's nothing to lose
So if it's really true
Oh lucky you

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Composição: Ian Broudie / Terry Hall. Essa informação está errada? Nos avise.

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