I feel so dirty
I feel so dirty
It's all worked out
You tell me I've been wrong
I got no reason to live anymore
Nothing to do but just curl up and die

But wait a minute babe
I can't see your eyes
Are you telling me lies
What you doing
Bringing me down to size?

I can't see your burning eyes
I can't feel your gut reaction
Do you think I'm paralysed

I've got no pity
I'm heading for the city
I just don't think
When I'm taking revenge
I got red mist in front of my eyes
Don't try to stop me
Don't even try

So what's the matter babe?
Hurt your feelings have I
It's making me cry
What d'you expect when
You pierce my heart with a knife

Can you see my burning eyes
Can you feel my gut reaction
I can see you're paralysed

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