Not so long ago, in a not so fairy tale
There was a kingdom where the people was happy
Was no minutes was no hours was no heroes was no cowards
They was happy

One exception to the rule, a psychiatrist named Yul
Was out of business
The need to pontificate, he decided to create
Some mental sickness

With eye of newt and drop of brut
In the cauldron from Malnoir
A twisted phrase and there appeared
The Beast of Phobia

Doctor of the mind, crazy for his life
Created the most hideous apparition
The Beast of Phobia went out into the night
To spread paranoia throughout the kingdom

Well there came the morning after, was no smiling, was no laughter
They was scared
From the afraid of the alone, to the afraid of the unknown
To the afraid of the losing the hair

One exception to the rule, the psychiatrist named Yul
Was doing a booming business
An important man at last, he condescend through his eyeglass
To all the sickness

The Beast of Phobia

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