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Now I Gotta Wet'Cha

Ice Cube

It's on like Donkey Kong
You wanted that fast buck
Now I gotta light that ass up
The nigga with the big fat trigger
Don't test me, gravedigger had to take a swig
Of the ST, remember the time we first met up
You threw your set up now you gotta get wet up
Boom! Ping! Buck! Pow!
Now who's that nigga with the diff'rent style?
Uh, ya wanted ta trip
It's all about the clip and who can empty it
First mate, they made day AK
And I'll Kurtis Blow ya ass away like AJ
I'm almost certain I'm put on the hurtin'
Bitch, it's curtains!
Locced in my motherfuckin head
Gotta play connect-the-dots with my infrared
You in danger, Mr Gangbanger
It ain't cool to take nappy from a stranger
Wit'cha drive-by's it took time to catch ya
But now I gotta wet'cha

Now I gotta wet'cha (wet'cha)
Now I gotta wet'cha (wet'cha)
I'm comin' ta get'cha (get'cha)
You better hope I don't catch ya (catch ya)
(You're all wet) The nigga with the big fat trigger
(You're all wet) The nigga with the big fat trigger

Valley for the KKK, rally
A place on the map where the order is
4 devils can beat up a motorist
And get nothin' but a slap on the wrist
Gorillas, gorillas report to the mist
The fist of fury and I'ma shove em
Motherfuck the jury and who ever love em
Why you have to leave it to Beaver?
Now I'm chasin Beaver' ass with a cleaver
With the swing, swing, swing and chop, chop, chop
Get them on, nigga
'Cause tonight we're havin' chopped liver
And I'ma cut out'cha heart
Start the fryin pan for the devil a'la carte
Twelve motherfuckers ya better be glad I never
'Cause I'm gonna wet'cha

Now wet motherfuckers are bloody
'Cause a bullet'll mould your ass like silly putty
Right into shape
A hollow point'll run up in ya like ya got weight
Comin' out'cha back, Mr Mack
Now they got yo' guts in a sack
Use to have ya crew real fat in a huddle
Now you're wet in a puddle, here is the Ice Cube
You ain't gotta chance, 'cause even if my bullet just
Ya still wet your pants
So what'cha wanna do when I got'cha ass point blank
Ya guaranteed to spank
Stiff as a board, ya floored
Go meet the Lord and then get ignored
'Cause you're on your way to hell and that I can
That's why I had to wet'cha

(You're all wet) The nigga with the big fat trigger
(You're all wet) The nigga with the big fat trigger
(You're all wet) The nigga with the big fat trigger

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