Enigmatical Resurrection

In Torment

Heretic temple desecrated by shadows
Abyssal valley of creation
Insurmountable frontier of the supernatural
Kingdom of pain

Buried alive in the infernal realms of desolation
Having suffered inhuman genetic experiences
Tortured by sickly and perverse beings
Tormented by his conscience
Paralyzed by the pain
Forsaken, at last, in the peace of his tomb

Premature funeral

His body impiously suffers the effects of decay
Flesh remnants are consumed by worms
His eyes are spheres of blood, glowing with despair and hate
Enigmatically, his heart still beats, moved by the flames of vengeance

The abomination lives

Terrified, the creature broke up its coffin after repeated blows to its rotting structure, crossing forever the gates of the sinister graveyard

Death was denied
His feelings disappeared
Stifled by deep marks of his dead illusions
The time to kill has come
And on it's lugubrious path
Trace of blood spots eternity

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