Chorus x2
This young girl
She's a freak.
She's up clubbing
Every night of the weekend
And all around town
It's the same old sound
Spread that fever
Let us all get down.

She loves the late night
In the city action
To be the centre of attraction
Gifts of satisfaction
She wants your reaction (hey!)
Hey, watcha think her bottom weighs
Is it okay, or is it going late.
Stop with you lies 'n'
Open your eyes
This is to be the last sin
Instead of vandalisin
This young girl
Put you in a song
To dance rule
It's the second flow
So just let it role

Chorus x2

I like freaks
Like hardcore beats
Hangin out in the streets
Some boys that wont sleep
Crash a joint, let it all out
Crane built, too much money spending, talk about your romance
I like that low cut waistline,
See through panties always corrupt my mind
I am what i am
And i hope you like me too
The most beautiful thing in the world is a girl
And thats true
Slink, skinny, high heels is my passion
Anything goin from street clothes
To the latest french fashion
I got your back
Say no more
Bad girls like it roar, uh

Chorus x2

Lambretta: dadedadedadeda!!


She's not even 15
But looks older than 19
So what they mean
The thought in every man's wet dreams
Straight vip
Never said a line
She can toss the game
Heard that every bastard knows her name
Pull'n all nighters
Here we got war fighters
From gypsies, call girls
Start poets with some writers
Plus she did things with her tongue
That leave ya outta breath (hu!)
Told ya (hu!)
She was under 21
Two, three, down on the four
Sex in the city
Hot like never before
This kiddie
Since bold place
Never settle for less
Ladies and gents
Welcome to the funkfest

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