Emptiness and blackness are filling my head,
why should I live? I would rather be dead!
The heavens are raining down on me,
black forever is all I want to be.
Somewhere my mind got lost,
now I pay the cost.
My mind lies smashed and in agony,
all I want is my soul in ebony.
I don't need hope, I don't need recreation!
For I opened my heart and to my consternation,
it was small empty and dark
no light and no spark

And I can't even cry,
though the tears are in my eyes.
And I can't even feel,
for my wounds will never heal.
I lay awake at night,
torn to pieces from my fight,
my inner rage that won't let go.

No colours fill my life,
no light can cut me like a knife,
for black's the only colour I would paint my soul!
And I can't even cry,
Though the tears are in my eyes.
And I can't even feel,
For my wound will never heal.
And I can't even trust,
For my hopes crumbled to dust.
And I will never Love again,
All I want and need is pain!

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