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Come and dance with me to the sound
Of enchanted feet thumping on the ground
And if you listen well, you're surely bound
To join the dancing wildly round
Come and join the dance without delay
Let the faery people lead the way
When their voices call you you obey
Feel the rhythmic beat of the bodhran
And let it summon up a storm
And tho' your head may reel, and eyes may fail
Any sense beside it would be paled
Stare into my eyes that hypnotise
And give your soul up to the night
And with the power we raise in our delight
A thousand spirits will take flight!
Midnight Queen
In the forest, in the night
Underneath the full moonlight
She's always there
Nature's child in the woodland air
Fade into the dream
And when your heart is filled with fear
Close your eyes for she is here
She's always there
The stars shine in her raven hair
Fade into the dream
And on a night like this
You'll find her burning kiss

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