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Hold my heart in your cold clenched fist and squeeze until youbleed me dry
Take what you will of my life force and leave the pain behind
You would take it all from me and only leave my suffering
What not take my hope, you demon, you are welcome to that now
You my idol
You my teacher
You my laughter
You my crying
You my daybreak
You my sunset
You my living
You my dying
Twist the threads much tighter and to you my last breath willbelong
You will know my broken form will honour you forevermore
I would give my life to you, my dreams, my talents areforgotten
What a trophy to inscribe beside the ones who've gone before
Lace your kiss with cyanide and plant it when I contradict you
Razor-sharp are fingernails that trace a line to yielding pulse
Shower me with useless gifts, I'll drown in insincerity
Lover, take your love away and use it on yourself

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