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Sweet man of Grace, I tremble form your power
Great man of mystery, come lie with me this hour
Oh Dark Confessor
Who has know such wickedness
Unlock this tortured soul and grant my spririt rest
Though you would claim
That God inspires your Holy Plan
There is a darker force
That guides your charming hand

Grandier, Grandier
Free me from this blind madness

I want you, I love you, oh dear God forgive me

Grandier, what is this lunacy you spread?
A thousand screaming hearts shall see you dead
So many maids within your bed have lain
So many bastards would dare to mar your name
There is just one love you need have on this Earth
Though you would notice not a Sister of the Church
My head is reeling from the devils you have sent
You are the Beast to whom I shall repent

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